Wendy-Lynn McClean


Wendy-Lynn is a product leader and coach with more than 20 years in tech, including Google and Amazon. She has been mentoring and coaching product talent since 2006.

How will coaching shape the future of product over the next 5-10 years?

Coaches help leaders think through difficult problems, thus leading to better outcomes. As coaching becomes more accepted (many people are still embarrassed to admit they seek help) we will see both product leaders and ICs improve their ability to grow and manage talent, and the products they build. As PMs at all levels work with coaches they will communicate more effectively, and thus advocate for better product decisions. Just a small tweak in how people communicate or interpret situations makes a night and day difference in outcomes.

What are some of the most effective frameworks you've used when coaching leaders in your area?

Two my favorite frameworks are the Introclusion and S.U.S.S. frameworks for decision-making and communication. I developed the Introclusion framework to help Product Leaders communicate clearly. I also coach the S.U.S.S. framework (Strategic Insights, Users, Solutions and Success Metrics) for tackling product problems at work and in interviews.

What's your best advice for product managers looking to increase their impact?

Concise communication to all audiences is critical to success in Product. Remember most people you are speaking to want to know the 'so what' before you start in with details.

Anything we should know about you as a thought leader in the area of product:

Most of my thought leadership has been through 1:1 coaching, writing and helping underrepresented PMs move into their next roles. I specialize in helping PMs overwhelmed by their jobs or the interview process understand the fundamentals necessary for success. I develop frameworks to simplify complex concepts, which helps product leaders quickly assimilate new concepts and simplify their communication to stakeholders.