Nacho Bassino


Nacho Bassino has been leading product teams for over ten years in different companies and industries. Nacho held leadership positions at XING, as CPO at Bestday, and companies in multiple countries. He is also passionate about sharing experiences and helping the product community. He organized meetups such as Product Tank, gave product management classes in different institutions, and was a keynote speaker at multiple product conferences. Most recently, he wrote Product Direction, a book that addresses how to create a winning product strategy and align its execution through strategic roadmaps and OKRs.

How will coaching shape the future of product over the next 5-10 years?

I help product leaders and teams multiply their impact by crafting solid strategies and align their execution through strategic roadmaps and outcome-oriented OKRs.

What are some of the most effective frameworks you've used when coaching leaders in your area?

I describe my methodology for Strategy and direction in my book Product Direction. I describe how different tools (opportunity solution trees, value proposition canvas, drivers, and many more) can be combined to achieve this result and maturity in the alignment phases.

What's your best advice for product managers looking to increase their impact?

Improve your strategic thinking through known frameworks and align the company towards the same strategic milestones to multiply your impact.

Anything we should know about you as a thought leader in the area of product:

After many years of working with product strategy, I wrote a book, Product Direction, to give a practical approach and framework for other product leaders dealing with this challenge. I have also started a Podcast called 100 Product Strategies, featuring product leaders talking about real-life experiences and challenges. I'm very active in the product community, hosting Product Tank, and being a speaker at multiple conferences.