Kalyan Ayloo


Leading Product Management for AI/ML in Office. Product and Partner focused leader with over 15 years of experience, launching many successful products and partnerships. Proven track record of creating product vision, defining strategy and driving execution. Guide and coach teams to build products that result in great business impact. Accountable for building AI product strategy and executing complex projects spanning organization boundaries.

How will coaching shape the future of product over the next 5-10 years?

Create a class of product focused professionals who will be equipped to tackle increasingly complex challenges that intersect across ensuring equity and fairness, simplifying the complex, and reimagining today's businesses.

What are some of the most effective frameworks you've used when coaching leaders in your area?

Porter's market forces, Blue Ocean, Product led growth, Disruption and Innovator's dilemma, 4D Roadmaps etc.

What's your best advice for product managers looking to increase their impact?

Focus on margin increasing, and hard to replicate feature work in their product or business.

Anything we should know about you as a thought leader in the area of product:

I love mentoring and coaching new generation of PM and leaders