Andrew Bowker


Andrew pivoted into product from a non-tech background by building his own products. He publishes daily about the subject on LinkedIn to help product aspirants do the same.

How will coaching shape the future of product over the next 5-10 years?

In most cases, to own the product is to own the direction of the company. Product leaders will keep inching toward overall business leadership. More CPOs will become CEOs. The highest performing coaches will be coaching the highest potential product people which means… coaches will have access and authority in driving decisions at the highest levels in business.

What are some of the most effective frameworks you've used when coaching leaders in your area?

Simple but effective. I use this for nearly every session. 1. Where are they now? 2. Where do I see them going? 3. How can I help them get there?

What's your best advice for product managers looking to increase their impact?

Focus on influencing people to your vision. Your impact will always be limited if you work in isolation. You need the whole boat rowing in the same direction at the same cadence to be successful.

Anything we should know about you as a thought leader in the area of product:

I help product aspirants from non traditional backgrounds build products they can leverage as experience so they can tell a more compelling story in PM interviews. You want to be a product manager? Build one and manage it to prove you can get the job done.