Adam Grenier


Adam leverages his years of leadership experience to bring one of the most customer-centric approaches to growth and leadership development in the industry. He’s built and led growth and marketing programs as the VP of Marketing at MasterClass, VP of Product and Marketing at LambdaSchool, Head of Growth Marketing and Innovation at Uber, as an Executive in Residence at Reforge and First Round capital, and more.

How will coaching shape the future of product over the next 5-10 years?

The definition of 'product' gets wider by the day, blurring the lines with engineering, general management, marketing, and growth. Coaching unlocks the ability to help clarify and empower the line crossers to do the most impactful work possible.

What are some of the most effective frameworks you've used when coaching leaders in your area?

The Player-Coach framework is my preferred style of working with founders and product leaders. Given the volume of non-operator voices in the room (board) I find that this connects more with the day-to-day challenges than other influencers in a founder's reach.

What's your best advice for product managers looking to increase their impact?

Always start with your customer problem. And note that internal stakeholders ARE one of your customer bases.

Anything we should know about you as a thought leader in the area of product:

I come from a customer and growth (rooted originally in marketing) perspective. I know technology, but my key value is bringing customer psychology into all decision-making.