Scale’s Top Product Coaches of 2022 List is a celebration of the world’s top product coaches, dedicated to helping leaders build products that are defining the future of tech.

Many of today’s top product leaders have risen to the top of the tech landscape through the help of a network of product coaches who have so far only been discoverable by word of mouth. Through the Top Product Coaches list, we are spotlighting coaches who have dedicated themselves to up-leveling tech’s greatest thought leaders worldwide.

This list of Top Product Coaches features the best and most gifted across 6 categories: PM Career Coaches, Product Influencers, Product Leadership Coaches, Product Strategy Coaches, Founder Coaches, and Agile Coaches. The list was selected by top product leaders and coaches across tech including Lenny Rachitsky, Steve Schlafman, Anwesha Jalan, Natalie Rothfels, and Ravi Mehta.

Today’s product coaches are helping define disruptive solutions to core problems worldwide. As we honor the winners and honorees of each category, we also honor all the nominees who are similarly leading the way as coaches in their fields. Check out our database of all product coaches who were nominated across fields

All Top Product Coach Nominees

Meet 80 Product Coach Nominees

Vivienne Sung

VP Product, Bumble | Product Leadership Coach
United Kingdom
Product Leadership Coach

I am a product leadership coach, non exec board member, start-up advisor, angel investor and passionate product leader. I love helping product managers grow into leaders that make both their products and the companies they work inside of better. I am obsessive about building easy to use, effective experiences that centre around the humans that use them. Today I am working as the VP Product for Bumble Inc and support the product and design teams building Bumble, the #2 dating App in the world.

Ken Norton

Executive Coach, Bring the Donuts, LLC
United States
Product Leadership Coach

Ken Norton is an executive coach to product leaders, speaker, and writer. Before becoming a full-time executive coach, he spent more than fourteen years at Google, where he led product initiatives for Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Mobile Maps, and GV (formerly Google Ventures). These products today are used by more than three billion people worldwide.

Shyvee Shi

Product Manager, LinkedIn
United States
Product Influencer

Shyvee is a Product Manager at LinkedIn, an instructor at LinkedIn Learning, and host of the "Product Management Learning Series". She firmly believes in the power of mentorship and coaching and has spent the better part of the last decade helping hundreds of high-achieving individuals make progress in their careers and find meaning in their work. Shyvee is also a prolific content creator on LinkedIn, where she shares about daily tips on Product Management and Career Development. Her content has had over 9M views in the past year.

Bandanjot Singh

Lead PM, | Ex Group PM - Gojek | Writer @ Productify
Product Influencer

Bandan is a product management leader and writer. He led Gojek's (SE Asian SuperApp) entire financial services charter as a Group PM and scaled the Gojek BNPL to > million active users. Then, at, Bandan led the company's entry into travel financing space by launching paylater options for travel vertical. Bandan writes at and publishes weekly product case studies on world's best tech companies.

Tim Herbig

Product Management Coach
Product Strategy Coach

As a Product Management Coach, I work with product managers and teams around the globe to connect the dots through empathy and structure. By introducing confidence and skills to their way of working, I ensure that they can and want to own their Product Strategy, Goals, and Product Discovery. For more than 10 years, I worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product. I constantly challenged myself to make an evidence-informed way of working part of industries like publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level SaaS applications. I know what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.

Andre Albuquerque

Vice President, Product, Kitch (acq by Glovo) | Founder, One Month PM | Product Operating Advisor, Shilling.VC

Andre is currently the VP, Product at Kitch, a SaaS product looking to make every restaurant amazing at delivering food. Kitch was acquired by Glovo. Andre is also the founder of One Month PM, a product advisor of Shilling.VC and professor at Catolica Lisbon. Andre is a product operator experienced at leading product management, product design, engineering, growth, product marketing, and product operations teams. He built products across different startup stages (0-to-1, bootstrap to $30M VC funding, up to selling a company), and hired & managed from 1 to 50 people within cross-functional teams in companies from 4 to 300 people.

Ankur Sharma

VP of Product & Engineering at Perkbox

Hey there! I am Ankur and I have more than 16 years of product leadership experience in building and scaling global, self-service businesses and technology products.

Andrew Tokeley

Product Leadership Coach, Andrew Tokeley Ltd

Andrew is New Zealand's only full time, independent, Product Leadership Coach and has been involved in product leadership before he, or anyone else in New Zealand, even knew what it was! His product career officially began in 2009 when he joined Xero as their first dedicated product hire and built a world class product leadership team that was critical in growing and supporting a customer base that grew from 17K to over 560K in only six years. He later joined virtual reality startup, 8i, as Global Head of Product, bringing human holograms to the world, including attracting over 1M downloads of their world-first Holo app. Since founding his product leadership coaching business in 2017 Andrew has been on a mission to raise the understanding and practice of product leadership across the country. He works with product leaders and companies ranging from early stage startups to large corporations looking to modernize their product practice. In 2015 Andrew founded Wellington’s largest product community, ProductTank, one of the largest meetups in the city and attracting national and international expert speakers to keep the product conversations going. In a previous life, Andrew was a statistician, wrote code for a living and was even a banana picker for a while.

Adam Grenier

Growth and Marketing Executive, Advisor, Coach

Adam leverages his years of leadership experience to bring one of the most customer-centric approaches to growth and leadership development in the industry. He’s built and led growth and marketing programs as the VP of Marketing at MasterClass, VP of Product and Marketing at LambdaSchool, Head of Growth Marketing and Innovation at Uber, as an Executive in Residence at Reforge and First Round capital, and more.


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