Ask for Reimbursement

Just fill in the blanks.

Congrats on making the commitment to invest in yourself! Many companies will cover the cost. To find out if you're covered, ask your manager with this handy email template.

Dear [Your Manager’s Name],

I’m interested in continuing my professional growth and driving value inside our company by learning new skills, frameworks, and insights. To do this, I’d like to sign up for the [Scale Guided Sprint Name], with your approval to get the expense reimbursed.

Scale Guided Sprints are 4-week personalized experiences designed for full-time employees to level up with the support of a 1:1 coach. Scale coaches have experience from top companies including Google, LinkedIn, and more.

Here’s why I think the program is a good fit:

  • It’s short (just four weeks) and designed for full-time professionals, so my usual work won’t slip through the cracks
  • I’ll be coached by and learn from an experienced operator, so it’s a great opportunity to benchmark against and learn from the best
  • I'll work my Scale coach to personalize the program for my specific needs. I will leave with actionable recommendations to drive growth
  • I’ll develop strategic decision-making frameworks, concepts, and exercises that I can share with our team
  • It’s relatively inexpensive vs. other offerings — I’ll learn from world-class operators and get 1:1 coaching for a fraction of the cost of other professional development programs and executive coaching

I can also provide a report of my key takeaways and recommendations to share with the rest of the team.

Would you approve of reimbursement for this expense?

Let me know what you think.


[Your Name]