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We're a community of high performers dedicated to personal growth and helping each other grow.

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“Getting introduced to relevant concepts right when I needed them helped me shift my mindset and having a real person keep me accountable has been a game-changer.”
Sora E.
Product Marketing Manager, Facebook
“I have had a transformative shift. I had a very turbulent ride after college shifting from a large tech company to a tiny startup. It would have looked very different had you existed then!”
Shivani M.
Software Engineer, Kleiner Fellow
“My coach provided interactive sessions and exercises that helped me put ideas into practice and made me think about things differently.”
Dan S.
Co-Founder and Advisor, Top Startups
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How does Scale work?

Scale offers a new way to work with a coach. Guided Sprints provide a 4-week intensive experience supported by a 1:1 coach. The programs cover topics critical to high performers like Reaching Peak Productivity, The Proven Guide to Getting Promoted, and Managing a High Performance Team. Scale's Guided Sprints are a great fit for people who haven't worked with a coach before or have a specific, time-bound goal they want to focus on.

We're also building a network of high performers dedicated to personal growth and helping others grow. The Scale Community is a place for people to unlock insights and come together to help each other realize their full potential.

What do I get when I sign up for a Guided Sprint?

Each Guided Sprint provides a 4-week intensive experience supported by a 1:1 coach:

  • A live, 30-minute video session to onboard with your new coach and tailor the program to your needs
  • Weekly on-demand sessions based on the insights of world-class experts
  • Weekly exercises to help you put those insights into practice
  • Unlimited messaging to get personalized guidance and accelerate progress towards your goals
  • Priority booking for additional live video sessions (prices and availability determined by each coach)
What do I get when I join the Scale Community?

The Scale Community is perfect for people who want to make an ongoing investment in their success. Be the first to secure your spot for:

  • Exclusive events featuring world-class leaders and performers
  • Get access to cutting-edge best practices
  • Join practical workshops designed to unlock new insights
  • Share your expertise as a event speaker or panelist
  • Have your most top-of-mind questions and topics inform Scale community content and programs
How much does Scale cost?

Scale provides the most accessible way to work with a coach to help you level up.

Scale Guided Sprints cost $399 for a 4-week, intensive program including a live, 30-minute onboarding session with your coach, weekly on-demand sessions & exercises, and unlimited messaging throughout the program.

Coaching is one of the highest return investments you can make for your career, but we know it's hard to take the first step. So, try it out risk free. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Will my employer cover the cost?
Many Scale members submit the cost of Scale to their employer as a learning and development reimbursement. Coverage from employers may vary. If you need help getting reimbursed, we provide an email template you can use to ask your manager.
Am I ready for a coach?
A coach is there to provide guidance for tackling a variety of areas at work, from planning the next step of your career to increasing your motivation. In addition to providing personalized support through these challenges, a coach will also recommend expert-created interactive exercises to help you learn relevant frameworks and apply it directly to your situation.

After experiencing coaching, many people wonder why they waited so long. Scale enables you to try out coaching risk-free due to our 100% money back guarantee. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us.
Can I talk to my coach live?
Yes. You'll begin with a live session with your coach and you may book additional sessions at any time. The rate varies from coach to coach.
Can I switch coaches?
Yes. We provide the ability for our members to switch coaches if they are finding they need a change. To do so, please email
What if this doesn’t end up being what I need?
We’re focused on delivering the best possible coaching experience for all Scale members to help them achieve their goals. If you are finding that the experience is not a fit for you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first month.
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